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Barefoot Bowls


Barefoot Bowling fees – 2 hours

$15 per person
$120 for one lane
$500 for the whole green
A group of 20 barefoot bowlers each paying $15 can have free room hire.
Exclusive use of the BBQ area indoor or outdoor is $250 which includes the use of the BBQ


Here’s a few tips and tricks for the beginners:
Be logical, too hard – bowl softer, too wide – bowl narrower and so on. Control is very important in this game.
Visualize your bowl bending (be assured it will bend).
Each bowl has a large and small symbol on each side – the bowl bends towards the small symbol. Make a habit to check each time.
Try not to bowl with your palm, bowl with your fingers.
Keep it simple. Strive for consistency.
Relax. Don’t be nervous, just enjoy the game!


Considerate thought and common sense are the keys to acceptable standards of etiquette of Bowls which makes playing the game a pleasure.
Most of the etiquette rules are to ensure everyone knows what is acceptable and assists with protecting everyone’s enjoyment, player safety and the greens;
– Drinks cannot be taken onto the greens
– Protect the greens by not sitting on the end of the greens or stepping on the edge of the ditch
– When delivering a bowl use the mat and step to the right or left when you release the bowl
– Barefeet, socks, thongs or bowls shoes (no tread) are allowed on the green when playing a game
– Do not drive or play very fast bowls, it can be very dangerous
While we encourage family participation, children under the age of 16yrs are not allowed on the green for their own safety


Respect our Club
Respect the greens
Respect the staff and members
Wear flat – soled shoes (barefoot if not).


Go barefoot in the club
Drive the bowl (throwing bowls far too hard)
Take drinks on the green
Drink – drive (keep alive)


We recommend booking for Barefoot Bowls or any events such as birthdays to avoid missing out.
Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.